Inside Out is a project realised as part of the AIR(Artist In Residence) Program of Facebook in their European headquarters in Dublin during January-April 2015. I was inspired and struck by the diversity of nationalities, the many languages and cross cultural influences that frame the way people work and interact inside Facebook as a work place. I set out to photograph everyone I met, would engage with the project and I could catch. Some of them I shot in the way they went about their daily activities but many of them were staged with their teams, the way they wanted to be portrayed. The end result reflects a vast network of individuals, of real people working behind the scenes, each an essential and integral constituent in shaping the distinct culture that is Facebook.  The materials I used are stone paper and pins to make a Fibonacci stimulated interconnected system that consists of around 800 silhouettes, the amount of people working in Facebook Dublin at the time of my residency.