videos | 2011 - 2016


BLINK 2016, HD, looped, 12 min 39 sec (full circle) | Blink is about what it means not to see. In non-stop motion, families of refugees walk 360 degrees around the clock across time and culture. Interspersed throughout are images of the artist and her family – blink an eye and you’ll miss an image, blink in astonishment at the atrocities that unfold. Blink conveys how fast and frenzied historical trauma is communicated to us through the media and how hard it is for us to process such suffering, the impact of the violation of human dignity and its consequences as experienced on a massive scale in the world today, generating a kind of moral indifference. Blink is part of CITIZEN, a multi-media project of drawings, video and silhouette installations first exhibited in 2016 in Butler Gallery, Ireland. CITIZEN explores the phenomenon of, and our consciousness about refugees, based on the current global crisis and how a renewed collective alienation is emerging. CITIZEN acts on several levels as it engages with the trauma, hurt and loss that constitutes the dialogue of the work. Technical details; Blink, 2016, HD, looped, duration (full 360 degrees) 12.39 minutes, projected scale 118.5 x 67 cm


FUGUE 2016, HD, animated, looped, 4 min 30 sec. | FUGUE is shot with a handheld camera by an anonymous person running through a forest. We do not know if (s)he is hunter or predator. The video is framed in a circular form that encourages two readings - are we looking at the forest with a torch, or through the barrel of a gun? We are unsettled by the ambiguity that is deliberately suggested. 



SOMEWHERE ELSE 2012, HD, animated, 5 min 18 sec, looped. In a constant velocity, two cells break down and transmute.


In conversation Anita Groener with Ed Krcma at Rubicon Gallery 2011


PIAFFE 2011 | Piaffe explores the image of the horse as a symbol of power. The cadenced gait of a white horse endlessly repeats. The emotional strength lies in its poignant fragility: the horse is nothing but a thin ray of light, its power is pent-up and never to be released. This video plays with the idea of physical stress and constraint, of bodily power constantly held in check.


Moon (a slow moon cycle projected on a black painted cloud behind a pin flag stuk into a drawing(Land) 2013


Installing STATE at the RHA Dublin 2013